Crazy One-Night Stand Experiences Shared By 9 Ladies

Crazy One-Night Stand Experiences Shared By 9 Ladies

  1. Name: Layo, 27

I met Jimoh at a bar in Lekki, found the guy attractive and it was so obvious he did too. Finally, we got to talk and before you know it, I was at his apartment. He told me he loves to dominate and I gave him the green light. Jimoh started giving me head, 10 seconds into it, I pushed his head away and shouted; what did you eat?

He said he only had pepper soup and Smirnoff. It felt like someone rubbed fresh pepper on my coochie. I had to sit in a big bowl of cold water throughout the night.


2. Nkechi, 33

I and my friend did one of the craziest things during our 4th year in university. We rented an Airbnb with our boyfriends to spend the weekend. We decided to exchange our boyfriends but it was a one night thing. My boyfriend and my friend started before us and the moaning sound was distracting. My friends bf couldn’t have an erection. My major concern was my boyfriend because we have never had such a ride before.

Finally, I had no option but to barged into the room because I was filled with jealousy and anger at the same time. This affected my relationship with bf. But I’m married to someone else now.


Bolande, 25

A friend was looking for a girl to spend the night with a guy named Gideon who just returned from France. He asked if I was interested and I got annoyed until money amount was mentioned to me. This Gideon was a machine gun, I almost died before morning due to several round of sex. The next morning, I asked for my money but he started giving excuses. Bank network did this and network did that, handling only 3,000 naira to me.

We dragged it till it was time to check out. We entered his car and he said if I don’t collect the 3K and get out from his car that he will post our sex video online. I couldn’t fight him before people thinks that I’m a prostitute. I collected the money and left him.


  Adeola 31

We met at a friend’s party and went to hang out at a bar. Our conversation was about intimacy. He bragged about his sexual escapades and how he will put me in 10 position that night. I couldn’t wait for him to prove what he claimed.

Finally we went to my apartment. As we got home, he ate all my food. Before I could shower and refresh to start the sweet journey, he have slept off.I looked at his with disgust. We did nothing!

  Tola 25

We were not dancing, so we de decides to have a conversation. Because of the loud music, we went outside and entered his car. One thing led to the other and we started making out at back seat. He didn’t have a condom and we were ready to risk it.

Three minutes into sex, a bright light shone on our faces, it was his friend. He asked if he could join, and he replied ‘yes’ before I could say a word. That’s how I had a threesome in a car.


Gbemisola 25

We hooked up at a club. After some kisses, we went to one of the bathrooms to have a quickie. We were still there when 2 set of people came to knack too. We became 6 there as if it was a planned orgy.

The most awkward moment I’ve had in my life.


Augusta 24

I was on a trip to my hometown. He was driving by while I was waiting to get a cab. He stopped and told me to get in, which I did. He was so friendly and jovial. We made out for some minutes before we agreed to go to his house and complete what we started.

To my surprise, I met his wife at home. She beat me blue-black in his presence and he didn’t even interfere. I left his house with my clothes torn and bruises on my body.


Julie 26

I have ended a 3 year relationship, so I went to the bar to have a drink. Lekan came to my table and we started talking. We agreed on a ONS only. We had sex at his apartment. By 5am the next day, my ex called and Lekan got angry.

I asked him if I was his gf? He slapped me and we started fighting. Lekan was much stranger than me. Luckily, his neighbors came and separated us. That was the last time I spoke to him.


Asabi 27

This guy told me that he’s one of the unrecognized billionaires in Nigeria and I didn’t even doubted him when I saw his mansion in Lagos. We started have sex, 5 minutes into the sex, we heard a heavy knock at the door and he became scared.

That’s how he started saying “oga please I can explain”.

Only for me to find out that he’s the gateman of that house. I was so ashamed of my self.


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