My First Experience

My First Experience

episode 1

My first experience
Jane was a gorgeous young girl from a serious Christian family.

From her childhood, her lifestyle was perfect. People loved her. Her dressings, speech, and everything. The most respectable part of her life is, she didn’t fake anything. She was an angel and maintained her virginity at 24.

Finally, the young girl gained admission, she had to further her education to make her parents and family proud. It’s been 2½ years since she left home for college to study banking and finance.

Her mum, a devoted Christian adviced Jane to live a life that pleases both God and man. Keep yourself from immorality, focus on your studies and make us proud. God be with you my child.
Although these are advices parents give to kids in Africa, but to Jane, it was totally different. Those words gave her strength and made her focus.

Her first and second year, Jane kept herself. But everything changed when Mike came into her life.

It was 9pm on that fateful day and Jane couldn’t return to the hostel. By that time, it’s dangerous for a girl to walk home alone.(she fell asleep while studying in class).

At the same time, there was a restaurant opposite her class and Mike was with his friends eating and gisting.

Mike was influential, born with a silver spoon. He was very popular in school. He lived a lavish lifestyle and he is also a chronic womaniser. And funny part is, 95% of women fall for him.

Jane, who was stranded, had no choice but to run back to her hostel. As she tried leaving her lecture block, she stepped on a stone, fell and was unconscious.

Mike who was seated with his friends at the restaurant, quickly sighted her and ran to her aid.

Mike and his friends found Jane bleeding on her head, hands and knee. They took her to the school hospital in Mike’s car.

On getting to the hospital, she was admitted. The nurse decided to run extra test to check if there is any internal wound.

And for Mike, he waited till she recovered since he didn’t have any information of her and no one to contact.

Finally, she opened her eyes.

Mike: “Hello, how do you feel?” he asked, “yeah I’m fine” Jane replied.
Looking around, Jane asked; what happened and where am I?”
Mike: You fell so hard and was unconscious, so I had to rush you to the hospital” he said.

Jane: How much is the bill?
Never mind, the bill is already cleared. Mike assured her.

Jane thanked Mike for being kind and for the help. She told the nurse she is okay.

Mike: Let me offer you a ride home if you don’t mind.

Jane: You have done much already and I don’t know how to repay you. Thank you for everything, but I can walk home.

Jane had no friends, she didn’t know who Mike was and how popular he was. She got home, took her bath and slept. The next day, Jane had a test to write so she hurriedly revised her book before the test. While at school, she tried looking for the handsome guy that helped her yesterday.
She was a bit sad because she didn’t ask his name.

“I don’t even know his name” she said to herself.

Jane was the first to leave the exam hall. She was on her way home when she saw Mike smoking and drinking with friends.

This wasn’t the type of guy she expected, fastened her steps and behaved she never saw them. Suddenly she heard someone calling.
Hey!!! Hello!!! Excuse me!!!

When Jane turned, she saw Mike running towards her. “Hi” she replied calmly, “You are the girl from yesterday right?” Mike asked, “yes I am” she replied. “Hope you are ok now?”
Jane: “I’m good” she replied.

Mike: “Ok take care” As Mike was about to leave, she asked him his name. I’m Micheal but people call me Mike, he said.
And you are?

Jane: Jane. I’m Jane

In 40seconds, there was silent, Jane quickly said

Jane: Do you know smoking will reduce your lifespan drastically?

Mike: Yes. But I don’t smoke always and I eat vegetables alot. (Mike continued smiling) You know school stress, depression, sadness, pains and all that. Some times, when I’m depressed, I smoke and I feel good.

Jane: Jane didn’t know what to say after hearing this. With a smile on her face, she said that there are other alternatives than smoking. I pray you meet someone that will guide you to a better path. And also, you will meet somebody/something that will make you feel better than cigarettes.

As Jane walked away, Mike was dumbfounded. He lost words and couldn’t say anything. “Who’s this girl? She is so confident, bold and something else. He thought to himself.
Her words kept repeating as he returned to his friends. Suddenly, he lost interest in the cigarette he was smoking.

Throughout that night, Mike kept thinking about Jane. “What will happen next?…

Episode 2

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