Power of Love

Power of Love

A young woman saw three old men in front of her house looking hungry. I don’t know you, but I will provide food that you will eat, she told them.

The men asked, Is your husband home? She said no. The men told her that they can’t come in. When he gets home, inform us.

When her husband got home, she told her husband everything. The man invited them to his house, but the told the couple that they don’t visit people at the same time. The men names are Wealth, Love and Success.
They asked the couple which one among us do you want in your house? The husband suggested wealth, the wife chose success but their little daughter said their family lacks love and they need to love each other.

The couple agreed and bought their daughters ideal. The couple asked the men, who is love?

Love moved forward and the two other old men followed him. The woman was surprised. I only gave invitation to love, why are you two coming in?

One of them replied, If you had invited success or wealth as to your guest among us, the other two could have remained outside. But you invited Love. And where ever love goes, we follow.

This story teaches us that wherever there is love, there is also success and wealth accompanying it

Love is:



Never hurts.

It’s sacrifices.


Love is forgiveness.

When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, he said. Love your neighbor as yourself.

These days people don’t love themselves again. They angry with themselves because of the failed relationship, marriage, business, course. Or because they don’t have money, the peer group is doing far better than them. If you don’t love yourself First, nothing good will come into your life.

Stop blaming yourself and strategize in a different angle.

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