[Must Read] My Dad And His Secretary

[Must Read] My Dad And His Secretary

[Must Read] My Dad And His Secretary

When my father was still alive, he was running his business and was very successful.

Then, there was this particular girl that always come around to ask for some money. My dad being kind and generous never rejected her. And the girl parents was one of my dad’s employees.

It got to a point when my dad now employed her as a sales girl. This was because, he wanted to show the girl how to work hard and make her own money.

She was 19 years old when she got employed.


At first, the young lady was grateful and acted all responsible. But within 3 months, she suddenly started changing.

Wearing short things to work or things that would reveal her private part. The seduction was too strong that I could have fallen for it if she seduced me.


But her biggest mistake was that she didn’t really know how disciplined my father was.


The truth is, most men in that environment have carnal relationships with their sales girls and cashier. So you couldn’t blame the young girl for trying.

One weekend, my dad bought lots of gifts as usual. Bag of rice, provision, cartons of soft drink and beer.


He went with my mum to go see the girl’s parents. My mother didn’t know what was happening or where they were going to. They got there,sat with the girl’s parents.

Then my dad asked that the girl be called as well and told everything to her parents.

Finally, my dad gave them the gift he came with,gave the girl two months salary in advance,told her he never wants to see her in his shop again and asked the man never to work for him again as well.



My dad’s discipline was so outstanding that all through our lives till his death we did not even see him womanizing. Neither did he lived a careless life.




My dad loved the Samsung flip phones so my mum could always have access to his phone because the man didn’t even know how to put a password to it. There was no nonsense like his phone is his privacy. He had the resources to do whatever he wanted with women and not get questioned at but chose not to misbehave.


Remember, what you cannot control will definitely control you. This article is for both men and woman. Just like my father, if you can not control that thing, let it go like the sales girl.



Remember, your attention is a billion dollar industry. Where/what you spend your time doing will definitely influence you.

What you watch too influences you.

For instance, you can’t control sexual urge if you keep watching ponography. And you can’t control masturbation if you spend time watching porn, have sexual conversation with friends or watching nonsense on Facebook, Instagram or tiktok.



In our society today, every single problem we face is caused by men. And most time, lack of discipline and self control is the major factor.


Everybody have a part in solving the pandemic in our society. One way to start is discipline.


Updated: October 30, 2021 — 4:23 am

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