How your Environment Affects You and When to Change it

How your Environment Affects You and When to Change it

How your Environment Affects You and When to Change it

Most people are in the worst situations.

Some people find themselves in places that have nothing to do with their growth. But most people don’t even know that their current location is a hindrance to their life.

Before it’s too late, read this article.

The truth is, you’re either in a place that improves or empowers you or you’re in a place that reduces your value.

In other words, your you fund yourself can either take you to higher levels or destroy.

Because the people in your life are either guiding you to be a better person or fighting you.

And if those that surrounds you are not helping, then they are definitely hurting you.

This is a lesson you have to remember

People of prosperity never hang out in places of poverty. You can only find that in such environment if only they are helping them out

A Quick story of a successful man

When I first discovered my potential, I quickly realized that my location was not conducive to the person I wanted to become.

– The culture was intolerant
– The people were inflexible
– The opportunities were inadequate

Once I noticed these truths, I began to searched for a place that would get me inspired.

As I traveled to do business, I would drive hours away into places that opened my eyes to greater prosperity.

One time, I found a rich community that I could have never even imagined.

After all, I’d had never seen a place like this in person.

My ancestors would’ve been greatly intimidated by the lushness of the unending green pastures, the quietude of the neighborhood, and the vastness of the homes.

But that didn’t scare me.

Instead, it prepared me.

I told my wife, “One day, we’re going to move to one of these multi-million-dollar homes!”

A few years later, we found ourselves in the same community—in a better place than I originally found!

The reality is that you accomplish anything—even the goals you have not yet imagined!

Many years ago, I couldn’t have imagined moving into the place I’m living at right now.

But I believed in my dream, put myself in the right places, and worked until I got it.

And it was better than what I originally wanted!

So put yourself in an environment that will empower you not devour you.


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