How to Guide Your Mind For Maximum Result 

How to Guide Your Mind For Maximum Result

Whatever you have impressed and digested into your subconscious mind will be an expressed into your conscious life. This is one of nature law. Whether you know the law or not.

This is one of the reasons the Holy book says you must guard your mind.

Guard your mind against subliminal messages, extreme propaganda, and nefarious lies.

Your mind is a garden that must be protected against the evil threats of the world. Just like the weed that grows in a farm.

Succeeding requires both hardwork and restructure of minding. You must protect your thoughts as if you were guarding your life.

Like a farmer, you must consistently weed out the soil in your land. This is a daily activity for the rest of your mind.

Read books, change environment, read the Holy book.

The soil is like your mind, it will accept anything you cultivate in it.

There’s no way to distinguish whatever has landed, it just receives whatever is planted.

Things that Affect the mind

– Violent thoughts
– Lustful feelings
– Greed and selfishness
– Preying on the weak
– Gossiping among others
– Believing in your fears
– Sowing discord w/ friends
– Exploiting the vulnerable
– Destroying your self-image

Etcetera etcetera

This is why you must distinguish the real from the fake.

Never stop working on yourself. The more you dwell in these thoughts, you start seeing it as nothing.

That was why I wrote an article about  change of environment 


Just like your mind, protect your crop and you will have unlimited powers!

Keep watering, nourish, and plant your seeds.

When you do it correctly, there will be lots of tree filled with different beautiful fruits.

Impress your subconscious mind by consciously feasting on the highest ideas of what you desire.

If you can do this, your mind, body, and soul will train itself to search for the things you need and want in life.


Updated: October 20, 2021 — 12:21 pm


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