Disheartening: My Friend’s Reaction to My Grand Father’s death

Disheartening: My Friend’s Reaction to My Grand Father’s death


My friend responded “lmao” after I told him my grandpa died. How to proceed?
My friend hasn’t really been speaking to me a lot. We aren’t fighting or anything (I’ve known him for a year and we had disagreement.

He is not a dry person, just kind of awkward and finds it difficult to talk about even remotely serious things. Today I tried to talk to him over the phone and say how my grandpa died and how I’m struggling and he responded with ‘UHHH, LMAO’.

I tried to be as calm as I could and explained that this avoidant nature of his makes me uncomfortable and this a prime example of why he simply said that ‘he’s like that with
everyone’ but it still upsets me deeply that he couldn’t even say something as simple as ‘I’m sorry for your lose’.

In response to me literally telling him about how someone I was close to died. He hasn’t
spoken to me or said anything.

So I suppose that’s our ‘talk’ for the day, hence why I came here to ask for advice from him on how to proceed. My introverted friend said ‘lmao’ in response to me coming out about my grandpa’s and the worst of it is that, he says that he acts like this with everyone so it’s nothing.

I told him this morning after he tried to start his 20 minutes talk of the day with me that I don’t want to hear anything from him. And my friend responded with some stupid dancing cat followed by an ‘okay’ message.

Oh my God, this is obviously who this person is. Socially inept and awkward; but I will talk to him about how I feel at least once again. This is because I want to keep the friendship and what if he doesn’t adjust, what do you think I should do?

Updated: August 20, 2021 — 6:09 am

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