Couple Advice: My husband don’t want to Make Love To Me

Couple Advice: My husband don’t want to Make Love To Me


So first of all, one thing I realized was that I never thought he might not like what I like in bed. I believed he was also enjoying as much and never properly talked to him about it.
And then, I and my husband had a long conversation about the issue. At first he was like, there is no issues at all. So, I asked him what part of our intimacy did he like the most. He told me like undressing me and seeing me naked the most and after sex cuddling as second.

So basically, the main part was not liked. I asked him if he has any specific thing he would want to introduce. He didn’t have anything particular in mind so, I asked him to look it up with me. We read some online stuff about different kinks.

He showed interest towards blindfolds and handcuffs. So, we bought it. The next night he decided to try it out, he handcuffed and blindfolded me. Halfway through, he
suddenly opens my blindfolds and told me it was even worse than before. So, I thought it was a failure.

Yesterday night I was thinking about some other stuff we can do when he came to me with the handcuffs. But, this time he wanted me to use it on him instead. At first, I was like wtf? But I decided why not, it won’t hurt to try. So I handcuffed him, took the lead. And for me… I enjoyed the fuck out of it.

His reactions were amazing to watch. I did fumble a few times, but we reached the end. He also told me this was a huge better. So, yeah looks like he was a submissive type. I myself am not a pure dominant, but I liked to take to lead too.

And I also asked him that he told me at first that he liked seeing me naked so how does he also like being blindfolded? He said that he did like to see me, but the fact is that it wasn’t able to turn him on.

Can anyone explain this to me?

Updated: August 20, 2021 — 6:27 am

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