Being Yourself Or Faking It. Which One Is Better

Being Yourself Or Faking It. Which One Is Better

Being Yourself Or Faking It. Which One Is Better


Depending on who I’m talking to, “Just be yourself,” could be the worst advice ever existed.

But, if I’m talking to someone else, it could actually be the best advice.

When you tell somebody who is, generally speaking, not very successful in life to “just be yourself,” they probably view it as an excuse not to aim higher.

Why bother putting in hours at the gym when you should just be yourself?

Is it necessary to meditate to become more focused when you should just be yourself?

Why should you work out and putting effort into your appearance when you should just be yourself?

If this is all what you are told regularly, you will end up developing a victim mentality and you will always not find fault in your own actions. Talk more of putting in efforts to change them.

Being yourself is not just enough irrespective of how good and perfect your life seems because change itself is permanent.

Remember, the greatest need of any man(Woman) is: “Love, Health, Wealth and Happiness”. You can never get it by relaxing and just being yourself.

Humans are advancing daily, your career is developing, new technologies are being built everyday.

Therefore, it is recommended that you make efforts to expand your knowledge. Improve your skills, learn new things, develop yourself, learn the correct attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts.

This will enable you attract and keep the right people in your life. To summarize it, grow with growth itself so as not to be left behind in the long run.

Faking it here means doing the things that you don’t want to do for the good of tomorrow.
Do not relent in making efforts tirelessly to build yourself into what you want to become.

Dreams can still be achieved as long as there is still life that does not mean you will not “make hay while the sun shines”.

Engage your time and resources in things that will set you on track toward achieving your dreams and becoming a better you, hold your values high and remain focused on your goals, be success oriented and watch yourself become who you should truly be.

Updated: July 15, 2021 — 8:06 am

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