5 Reasons Why A Baby Wakes Up At Night And It’s Solution

5 Reasons Why A Baby Wakes Up At Night And It’s Solution

5 Reasons Why A Baby Wakes Up At Night And It's Solution


As a mother or parent, most times you spend your night attending to your baby’s needs. And you sleep only for a few hours.

Some mom don’t sleep at all at night.

If you often ask yourself why your baby wakes up too early, this article is for you.

Keep reading because you are one step to your solution.

Ways to Know That Your Baby Is Waking Up Early?

Most kids are early risers, while others wake up between 7 and 8 in the morning.

So, it is important to understand whether your baby is waking up too early or during their normal wake-up time.

Your baby sleep needs change as they grow; for example, infants of six months of age need 13–14 hours of sleep

If your kid gets up at 6 AM every day and is active throughout the day, they might be an early riser. You don’t have to worry about their sleep schedules.

If your baby wakes up before 6 AM, refuses to go back to sleep, and he is dizzy or fussy during the day, then your baby might be waking up too early.


Why Do Some Babies Wake Up Too Early?

There are somany reasons kid wakes up early. Both normal and abnormal reasons. These are some of them.

1. Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions may cause sleep disturbances in babies and wake them up early in the morning. When treating a child, go to the best medical center around you. For well development of your child.

2. Growth spurts

Sleep regressions and growth spurts also disturb your baby’s sleep schedules. Babies tend to go through growth spurts from the first two weeks to six months of age. So, if your baby wakes up relatively early during this time, they might be going through a growth spurt. Usually, babies get back to their regular sleep schedules once the growth spurt period passes.

3. Hunger


4. Surroundings and environment


5. Poor self soothing skill


What To Do If Your Baby Is Waking Up Too Early

1. Maintain consistency

Create a night routine and try to stick to it. Make sure to put your baby to bed by 8pm at least. This really help the kid to grow better.


2. Treat the underlying medical conditions:

Discomfort will definitely make anyone lack sleep.


3. Keep the room dark


4. Maintain a bed routine


5. Maintain a calm environment

An environment with cool music and sound of rain with thunder storm sound is much preferable.


6. Dream feed them:

If your baby wakes up too early due to hunger, try dream feeding them. This means, breastfeeding the baby while they are half asleep.


7. Give them something to hold on to

If your baby associates sleep with a soft toy or pacifier, giving it to them when they wake up early in the morning might help them fall back to sleep.

Note: Your baby must be atleast 12 moms before associating anything foreign to his bed.

Updated: October 5, 2021 — 3:56 pm

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