3 Ways To Get Any Lady

3 Ways To Get Any Lady

3 Ways To Get Any Lady

3 Ways To Get Any Lady

Getting a lady who will truly love you these days seems difficult right? But that’s not true.

I will share the secret with you.
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…even without being tall, good looking or wealthy you can still attract your dream girl and make her love you, no matter the girls personality….

3 common reasons why it seems difficult for you to get your true love:


1. You think every lady is interested in money

You believe that every girl is interested in money, money builds and keep relationships. And you want to make money before starting a relationship.

2. Low esteem

Low esteem is another major factor why guys find it difficult to get a girl. You think you are not good looking and you lack confidence to speak to anyone, as well as comport yourself.

3. Experienced Heartbreak

It’s so difficult to start something again after giving your best. Some guys or girls find it difficult to fall in love again because the previous relationship they had. It’s not easy, but there are better people than your ex. You won’t notice them if you are still dwelling in your past. Let go and start a new life.
No one is perfect. First build yourself, although some men are immatured sometimes.

These 3 common reasons have made many men to end up as bachelor even at their 40s

Love is not expensive, love is the most beautiful thing you can experience. But remember, you first show love before you receive love. And when it comes to love, there are so many sacrifices you must make. Both the man and the woman.


Wealth and good looks does not guarantee true love although it’s important. But that’s not what guarantees true love, this does

How you present yourself matters a lot. Most times when you are not in the mood to meet any girl, that’s when they come. Present yourself well always.

When I was in college, a friend of mine called Mike, was soo popular with ladies. That made people to call him playboy.

The truth is, he gets any girl he want to date, he is very good at that.

For Mike…..

Out of 100% of ladies of his choice, he gets 80% of them. That’s to tell you how good he is with girls.

The surprising thing about Mike is, he is not handsome or intelligent like me, but he have the girls while I’m always on the friend zone or the lonely guy.

Mike was penniless, We share most of things together. Food, soap, clothes, etc. He was my roommate.


He attracted the women more. How he did it, I didn’t understand. It was frustrating

The truth is, when it comes to most things, I was better. In sports, academic, muscle and in look.

…….I was unable to ask him how he gets the girls because of pride…..

I never wanted to ask

Until something happened….

I noticed a 100 year student dating my crush. A girl I’ve been crushing for the past 9 months. I was soo mad and heartbroken. Of all people, why should the girl date a 100 year student?

But the fault was mine. I had a crush on someone and didn’t know how to approach my lady.

I decided to take action before soap will enter my eyes in the river.

After this experience, I begged Mike to teach me how to attract women and make the lady fall in love with you

At first, he refused. With money, I was able to convince him. Remember money answer all things


Mike fear was, he will loose some of his girls to me if he teaches me the secret. We made an agreement that I won’t interfere with any of business.

Finally, he told me the secret

Wowww wowww wowww…

I thought it will be a difficult task, didn’t know it was that simple

Till I left college, campus life was interesting and fun… (you know what I meant)

Do you have any difficult with your dream girl, that’s not a problem. I will share the same secret with you

I have all the tricks Mike taught me and I will share that with you

*In the next post*

Your looks is no hindrance and what you think is a setback, is nothing

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