Zics Aloma Biography, Net Worth, Fame Story And Relationship

Zics Aloma Biography, Net Worth, Fame Story And Relationship

Zics Aloma Biography, Net Worth, Fame Story And Relationship

Isaac Zics Aloma is a renowned Nigerian writer, singer and a comedian known for his hilarious comedy skits.

Zics Aloma hails from Abia state, Eastern part of Nigeria. He was born in Kaduna State on November 7, 1991.

He grew up in Army Barracks, Kaduna, in the Northern part of
Nigeria. He is the fourth child out of five children (four boys and a girl).
Zics is known for portraying several female characters in his comedy skits.


Full name: Isaac Aloma Junior
Stage name: Zics Aloma
Age: 29 years
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: November 7, 1991
State of Origin: Abia State
Tribe: Igbo
Career: Comedian, Writer, Singer
Social media:

Instagram – @zicsaloma. As of when this post was made he have 861K followers on Instagram
Twitter – @zicsaloma. 7446 followers

Zics Aloma on Facebook – Aloma Isaac Junior. On Facebook he have 1.9M followers with just 10 following

Zics Aloma’s YouTube channel – Zics Aloma. On Youtube, he is currently having 146K subscribers with 128 videos. And 19,021,893 views on Youtube as of when this article was written.

Tik Tok: @zicsaloma. On Tiktok with 508+ videos, he have 790.1K followers and 10.9M likes.

Net worth: Estimated at $75,000

His relationship life style is private

The Nigerian comedian started comedy skit 2020 and is doing well financially. He acquired a house, car and recently bought his mother a brand new car recently.

From his previous interview, he stated that he was once a lecturer before he started his comedy skit.

His acting roles is something else. He have more than 4 different roll in his skit and he have joined Mercy Johnson in many times to play different roles.

His role have made him met a lot of celebrities. Both actors and musician.

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Account Number: 211 838 5165

Bank: UBA Bank

Name: Onwerenmadu Christian Chigozie.


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