[Videos] Nigeria Tiktoker that Will Crack Your Ribs with Laughter 

[Videos] Nigeria Tiktoker that Will Crack Your Ribs with Laughter

[Videos] Nigeria Tiktoker that Will Crack Your Ribs with Laughter


Content creator name: Blessing


She is also known as Blessing Amey.

A little story about Blessing Amey

Why she love creating skits

Just like every person in this world, I’ve passed through lot of things in life.

Growing up,I had quite a couple of sad and painful experiences, so when I have to narrate my various ordeals to people around me,I had them laughing hard rather than necessary. Other than that,when I expressed myself emotionally I gets to meet nothing but pure outbursts of laughter, why?


Cause according to people, my narrative are actually hilarious than serious.
My expression facially and my description happen to be the actual source of this.

So along the line I decided to start creating skits cause other than the fact it keeps me occupied and also away from reality, I feel it’s also me making use of my natural abilities to put smiles on people face.

I look forward to making this work with y’all,cause rather than anything I’d want to have you guys view my blog everyday:so you could have a feel of joy and laughter especially after a hectic, terrible or sad day.
So your opinion matters alot,I’d love to see the comments coming in and also the likes been dropped.

Love you all and am having my fingers crossed .

BlesingAmey YouTube channel

Blessing is a content creator, she makes comedy skit on YouTube and Tiktok. Her main purpose is to make you laugh and entertain you.


Her videos are posted below. Feel free to watch and please subscribe to her YouTube and tiktok channel for more content and to get entertained.



She obtained her diploma from Abia state polytechnic. Studied computer science and currently stays in Lagos.

Therefore for collaboration, you can contact her and work together. For promotion and contact information, send her a message.


@blessingamey TikTok

+234 816 907 8085



Don’t forget to subscribe

Updated: December 10, 2021 — 4:26 am

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  1. My sister ❤️😍 from another mother. I love the zeal and the passion you put in…keep it up the syk shall be your stepping Stoll

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