True Life Story – I couldn’t wish this on my enemy

True Life Story – I couldn’t wish this on my enemy

I want to tell whomever will listen about what my ex did to me and our child throughout my pregnancy. This family that we were creating was one he stressed he wanted so bad after his initial reservations. I had given this man so many chances to leave and constantly asked him to do so if that was what he chose and he never did forcing my child and I to suffer the consequences.

There may be many triggers in this thread so please prepare yourself for what you will read. I ask that you please share my story because the man that has done this to me has not been arrested and will prey on others at his leisure. He has taken no responsibility for his actions.

To start off, my boyfriend at the time inserted two abortion pills in my vagina under the disguise of oral and digital sex the morning of February 20th, 2022 when I was 17 weeks pregnant. At the time he inserted the pills I was unaware as he covered my stomach completely with my comforter and made sure it was extremely dark in my room. He asked if he could blind fold me “to spice up the sex” but I said no because I was uninterested.

I immediately began to experience what I later found out was side effects of the drug misoprostol. A pill that doctors give to women under supervision to assist in abortion or labor.

As he lay next to me in bed after he had inserted the pills, I began to have chills, then extremely terrible cramps, that then led to diarrhea and later the leaking of my water. I had assumed at the time (before my water began to leak) that I was experiencing food poisoning.

The night before, he had taken me to a Korean steak house for dinner. I assumed that the meat I made for us did not agree with me. I called my on call OBGYNs constantly that day (specifically before I began to experience leaking) and they had agreed that it very well could have been food poisoning.

As this man lay next to me he watched me experience what was later confirmed by my doctors to be contractions. He knew exactly what he had done and why I was experiencing what I was experiencing and watched me sit in pain and confusion.


He told me then that we should try to get rest. As my fever began to spike he went to sleep or pretended to. I took Tylenol as instructed by my doctor and was able to finally get some rest.

When I woke I noticed he was awake and alert next to me. He told me that his parents had told his sisters they wanted him to go back home. For the past two weeks at the time he had been living with me.

He told me and my family that he had told his parents I was pregnant and they had kicked him out as our cultures did not necessarily align. He is Middle Eastern, Pakistani to be exact. This was one of the reasons I was told I nor our child would be accepted in his culture.

For some reason in my gut I didn’t believe he truly told them. After he told me what I felt was a lie (that his parents wanted him to go back home), I asked him to pack all his things and leave my home immediately. He began to protest and asked me if I was kicking him out. I simply stated that I didn’t believe he ever told his family the truth about our relationship or our pregnancy and I was too tired to deal with his bs that day.

He began to linger and said he wanted to come back. He sat on the floor, began crying but acknowledged that he in fact never told his parents the truth. I later realized he only wanted to come back to make sure he was successful in terminating my pregnancy.


In the two weeks he lived with me, he got so close to a large part of my tight nit community. I didn’t know it at the time but this tactic was used so suspicion would never point to him. He never expected that the misoprostol would not dissolve leaving the only culprit to be him.

He finally collected all his things and prepared to leave. The last thing he said to my face was that he loved me and the baby so so much.

Around 8pm I called him and told him I was no longer interested in being with him. I felt as though he was a coward and I was not going to tolerate any more lies. I had broken up with him, told him we were done and the only thing he kept asking me was “well how are you feeling now” over and over again.

I couldn’t understand why because at the time, for some reason I felt a bit better. I had rested and thought that the food poisoning began to subside for the most part and didn’t mention still feeling ill to him once.

I later realized it was because he wanted to see if I had miscarried yet.  Right after I got off the phone I began to feel more gushes of water leave my body. I had a few tiny leaks a few hours prior but was told by my OBGYN it could be natural from diarrhea pushing my body to push discharge out. I was worried so I rushed to the bathroom and wiped.

After looking at the tissue I saw one hexagonal pill. I was unsure of what was happening so I wiped again and on that napkin there was another pill. I kept wiping but found nothing else.


My sister came into my bathroom, looked and asked me what it was. At the time, I was in so much shock I couldn’t fathom the reality of what I was seeing.


I immediately asked for her phone and searched for images of abortion pills that could be inserted vaginally and saw that they were the exact same shape as the two that came out of me.


At that time I had never felt such pain and shock in my life. I knew in that moment he had put those pills in my body that morning under the disguise of sex. I called my OBGYN once again and disclosed what I had found. She told me to immediately come into Labor & Delivery.

As I was rushed to hospital I couldn’t cry or focus on the reality of the betrayal and pain I felt. I did everything I could to calm myself so my baby wouldn’t feel my distress. I couldn’t come to terms with actually losing what I had wanted so bad. I prayed.

I pleaded with God in hopes that in some miracle my child would be saved. We arrived at the hospital with the two pills I had found concealed in a ziploc bag for the doctors to look at. My doctor did a speculum test on me to confirm whether or not the gushes of water were in fact amniotic fluid.

She immediately confirmed it was and that because of this the prognosis of my pregnancy was not good at all because of how early on I was.

She inspected the pills and said she would have it sent to the pharmacy for inspection on what they were as they had been a bit corroded from being inside of me. I was also sent to ultrasound to see if the baby had enough fluid around her.


I went to ultrasound and by some miracle the results that came back were that I had not seemed to lose much fluid at all. I was told that the body keeps making fluid. Essentially, it’s mainly baby pee that builds up over time.

I was asked whether or not I wanted to terminate my pregnancy because I was still ruptured and was told this could easily cause infection to me and the baby leading to sepsis. I had decided not to. My leaking seemed to subside. I wanted to hold on to what seemed to be a miracle.

It is rare but sometimes when there is a small hole in the amniotic sac it can reseal. My doctors told me I was lucky but I truly believed it was God.

My doctor got back to me and confirmed that the pharmacist believed the pills could have been misoprostol or another pill that was considered birth control. The doctors did confirm that the symptoms I had experienced throughout that day lined up with being given misoprostol


With all the information I was given I was numb but I was also afraid for my life. That he’d come and find me. After being so patient, charming, and calculated I could not put anything past him. The man that had done this to me acted as if he were the perfect partner.


He always made sure I was eating, helped me put my shoes on as my belly began to get bigger, always gave me the tiniest and most endearing kisses.


Spoke of looking for a ring for me to propose before my due date, buying a town home, told me he loved our daughter more than life itself, got closer to my sister, my best friend, my best friends boyfriend, sat down with my parents in regards to his “plan for us”,


told me he couldn’t wait for our little family all the while plotting to kill what was already a formed tiny human baby inside of me.

I reported the incident to the police and handed over the pills for proper analysis as they would be able to decipher exactly what the pills were in their crime lab. Still have gotten no word back.


I texted him while I was in the hospital and told him I had gone for an abortion and wanted to have a kid with someone who was a better fit. I prayed he’d buy what I was telling him and wouldn’t come looking for me to check if the deed was done. To see if he had succeeded.

He told me he respected my decision and wanted to be there for me. The same man that said this child was his reason to keep living. So easily said I respect your decision. No fight no nothing.


He then asked if he could come see me. I told him I had developed bleeding and was in a hospital with my mom. The hospital part was true as I was in the hospital for days being monitored for any more leaking or infection that would quickly lead to the death of me and my baby


I stopped responding and he immediately stopped sharing his location. He never actually called my mom or my sister once to check on me. I knew then he was suspicious of being found out.


The police then called him to the station to question him. The next thing he did was get on social media and ask for book recommendations. All to begin to try and act normal not realizing that that response was extremely suspicious in itself.


The next day he posted himself on Twitter and Instagram infront of his sports car to give the illusion that he was just going about life normally and didn’t do anything he was being accused of.


I’m guessing when you’re not right in the head that is what makes sense to you. Especially when you’re told you’d lost your child the day prior and your ex is in the hospital possibly hemorrhaging.


As crazy as this story is, it gets even worse. One day in December I had searched through one of my prenatal bottles to check to see how many more I had left before I had to reup. I had noticed a smaller, hexagonal shaped pill that did not look like the others.
Naively, I assumed the shape was some manufacture malfunction. I didn’t take it because it didn’t look like the rest but I didn’t question it any further.

After finding the two pills of the same shape that came out my body I had later put together that this man had been switching out my prenatals throughout my pregnancy. At the time I had originally noticed this pill in December I was around 8 weeks pregnant.

He had many many opportunities to add and switch out my prenatals because he was left unsupervised with them a numerous amount of times. Nothing I thought twice of because I never ever would’ve suspected what he’d do was a possibility in my wildest nightmares.

There were two separate occasions when the amount of prenatals left over in my bottle did not add up at all. I thought again it was a manufacture oversight but it wasn’t.


When I first found out I was pregnant and said I was keeping the baby he had essentially lost his shit. He was upset. Told me he didn’t want the baby and said he’d leave me if I kept the baby, even resent me. I then called him and broke up with him.

I made it explicitly clear I was not choosing him over my child and did not need him in the slightest. He began to cry over the phone and kept asking me if it was over. I said absolutely.

A couple of days later, he came back to me apologizing and saying that he wanted our family and that he was just being a coward because he was afraid of how his parents and family would react. He begged for my forgiveness and said he’d show me that he wanted to be in our life.

I was a bit uneasy but I agreed to let him try. A decision I will regret for the rest of my life.  About two weeks later he had told me he made a smoothie from home and had one of his spiritual leaders pray over it. He asked me persistently to drink it and finish all of it. Constantly checked to make sure I drank it all.

I faked as though I was drinking it but ended up throwing it out as soon as he was out of my presence. At the time I did question his intentions.

A couple of days later he asked me to start taking gas pills from his culture to help with my severe gas problems. I told him I was uncomfortable taking it because at the time I didn’t even want to take Tylenol.

I didn’t want my baby having anything that wasn’t nutrient. He dropped to his knees, begged me over and over for days to take it. Even began crying at some points. Accused me of not trusting him. Had his little sister text me and tell me it was okay to take too. I wouldn’t budge

In late December he came to me and asked if he could be the one to “administer” my pills. I asked him why and said no at first because taking them took seconds and I could do it myself. He told me that he felt like wasn’t doing enough for me and wanted to be more involved.


At the time I wasn’t thinking he had already switched my pills. I agreed. There were days when he’d drive from his home directly to mine for the sole purpose of giving me my pills then left.

He’d sometimes pour the pills into his hand and put them directly in my mouth without me seeing. Telling me to just swallow it quick so I wouldn’t dwell on swallowing it. He did this for months.

When I was 12 weeks we were told that my daughter was diagnosed with an encephalocele. Hemorrhaging of the brain that had formed into a sac.


I was devastated but decided to continue the pregnancy because I was determined to love and take care of my child regardless.


I found out a couple of days ago it was due to external interference by a geneticist at John Hopkins. She told me the interference had to have taken place when the baby was still being formed between 6-8 weeks. Nothing else about the baby suggested that her genes were the cause.


Around the 6-8 week time-frame I had experience a bleed but was told it was normal so I didn’t think much. My doctors now believe that that was the first time the sac had ruptured. I had another bleed on Feb 1st, 2022. It was one gush of blood/fluid and nothing else.

I didn’t know it at the time but my water had broken again then and just kept resealing somehow. On January 31st he persistently asked me how I was feeling and I didn’t get why cause at the time I was and had not complained once. That day he had came and “administered” my pills.


My child’s father poisoned me and her for months in hopes of her death all while acting like the ideal boyfriend. Switched out my prenatals, physically inserted abortion pills in my body and from what I believe drugged my food as well.


We dated for a year and 4 months before the physical assault in February. Prior to that, we went to elementary, middle, and high school together.

On April 9th at 24 weeks my water completely broke. Tests my doctors ran continued to come back negative for amniotic fluid. We assumed my baby was pushing on my bladder and I was sent home. 2 days later I was admitted after very heavy bleeding.

I had lost all my fluid and there was no more surrounding my child.

On April 21st, 2022 my daughter was born. This same day her death certificate was signed. After her birth I was told because of the constant interference she didn’t stand a chance at a prosperous or healthy life.

Too much of her brain was compromised from all of the abortion pills I was fed throughout my pregnancy. Till this day I have no idea how many he’s given me.
I feel a way I cannot put into words.

I was in labor for 17 hours. I held her for as long as I could. Spoke to her and told her just how much I loved her. I pray I can be with her again one day. What she faced and endured within me was not fair and I wish I could’ve protected her somehow.

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.
I pray that somehow someway some justice will be served to that man. That he will one day suffer the way I am in agony now.

Again, I legally cannot confirm his name as my legal team has strongly advised against it.

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