Thoughts Of Men

Thoughts Of Men

A poor man always think the rich made his wealth out of luck or through corruption and crimes.

And the rich man thinks the poor is penurious because he is lazy and lacks vision.

A young lady who got married at an early age sometimes think ladies who find it difficult to get married have bad character or are possessed with evil spirit. The may think they are better than them.

A fresh graduate who gets job immediately thinks he is smarter than other graduates who are finding it difficult to get a job.

While a lady who got married and started having children sees “barren” women as ladies who lived a wayward life, or their husband, mother in law, friends or relatives occultic.

If only the poor knew the price paid by the rich to get to their current position, and if the rich know the battles or life challenges the poor is going through, none will ever conclude easily.

Don’t look down on others because you are above them. And never criticize someone because you are below their levels. We were all created the same but didn’t come to this world the same time. We have different timing and destiny.

The most important is to know where you have to be at the right time. And know your purpose on earth. This can only happen if you prepare yourself well. In preparation, you have to be alert in spirit and in Knowledge.


Remember, whatever thing we need, we can get. When it comes to wealth, it requires your mindset, hardwork and consistency. These three things are difficult for people to do.


And for the blessings of nature(marriage, fruit of the womb, good health, etc), your mindset is needed too. Build your mind, train your mind and keep working towards what you believe. It may take time, but it will definitely come.

Above all, be grateful always to God Almighty, because what you have now, some people are desperately in need of it.

Updated: February 20, 2021 — 11:27 am

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