The Real Story of Malia Obama’s Wealthy British Boyfriend

The Real Story of Malia Obama’s Wealthy British Boyfriend

The Real Story of Malia Obama's Wealthy British Boyfriend

Fall 2017 marked Malia Obama’s first semester at Harvard. Obama reportedly had the gap year that many college students could only imagine, according to W Magazine. She partied in Amsterdam, went to Lollapalooza in Chicago, and started her internship at the Weinstein Company in New York City, which is luckily no longer run by Harvey Weinstein. Obama has also been seen out and about in New York City’s streets and bars, accompanied by her security. Obama could certainly manage herself, though, given her self-assurance and height of almost six feet!


Obama got to know her classmates and the city of Cambridge as a student at Harvard University, where she joined in the fall of 2017 following her epic gap year. After adjusting to life at Harvard for a few months, images of Obama with a man in the shadows started to circulate, raising the question: Who is this man?


Who is Rory Farquharson

The media at the time had no idea who this young man was. But figuring it out didn’t take long. Rory Farquharson, Obama’s boyfriend, is now widely recognized. Although dating the daughter of a former president doesn’t exactly provide the finest opportunity for incognito, the couple appears to be still going strong. Here is all the information you need to know about Farquharson.

Things you don’t know about him

  1. He Smokes

In pictures, the two appeared content. Yay! — but what was shown in them nonetheless had a disturbing quality. Nearly all of the photos from their expedition show Farquharson holding a cigarette.

Given that, according to ABC News, one-third of college students smoke, this may not come as much of a surprise. It’s not exactly a good habit, either way. It may also go without saying that secondhand smoke’s negative consequences are really bad. But hey, at least the couple is taking bottled water around to remain hydrated.

    2. Is Farquharson a negative role model for Obama?

Michelle Obama discussed her husband’s prior smoking habit in an interview from 2012 that was published by USA Today. She said, “I know that his ability to ultimately stop the habit was because of the girls, because they’re at the age now when you can’t hide. I think that he didn’t want to look his children in the eye and tell them that they shouldn’t do something that he was still doing.”

It’s difficult to say if she acquired the habit from her dad or if it was a “social smoking” habit. In any case, let’s hope the ex-first daughter and her lover part ways very soon!

3.  He is British

4. He is Fashionable

5. He deleted all his social media account

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