The 6 Health Benefit of Night Sleep

The 6 Health Benefit of Night Sleep

I often hear people referring to others who actually indulge a reasonable length of time sleeping as “Lazy”. More reason I have written this article just to bring to your knowledge or refresh your memory about some of the priceless health benefits we gain from quality sleep. What you are about to read may leave you wondering and having a rethink each time you want to stay up late or not sleep entirely.

Muscle and Tissue Repair

Hormones like adrenaline and cortisol decreases during sleep and this process flushes the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is needed for muscle repair, growth and maintenance. So, having enough sleep is the best way to replenish all the muscle energies burnt during your day.

The Digestive System Gets Rest

As we already know, the digestive system is responsible for breaking down food particles and in turn, supplies us adequate energy which carries us throughout the day. Now, when you retire to bed at night the digestive system as well retires to have a rest in order to be able to function well when you are up again; that is why it is not advisable in any capacity to go to bed immediately after eating because there won’t be any form of digestion while you sleep and this can cause a very serious medical problem. You Work-out While You Sleep.

According to medical experts, having 8 hours sleep a day keeps the body in order by maintaining your weight. So, I equally recommend you sleep within this time frame because having a plus or minus will definitely not give you the expected outcome.

Heart Rate Diseases

During sleep, the entire body system slows down- the heart is not exceptional. The heart beat slows down during sleep which helps the heart circulatory system and muscles reboot, repair and prepare for the next day.

The Spine Elongates and Realigns

While you carry out your daily routines the spine is stressed due to gravity and pressure, but when you retire to bed, this pressure and gravity is greatly reduced; thereby, giving your spine the opportunity to elongate or decompress. More reason you need to spend up to 8 hours sleeping to give this process enough time to occur.

You Fart A Lot

To fart while asleep is not bad at all because this act helps relax your anal sphincter muscles responsible for eliminating accumulated gas from the digestive system. This can be embarrassing; especially when you are sleeping with someone else in a room, while you ponder on this equally consider the health benefits attached.

Boost Your Immune System

While you sleep, the immune system excretes white blood cells, proteins and others which help in fighting germs, diseases and infections. That is why you are always asked by medical experts to have enough sleep when you are sick.

Updated: August 18, 2021 — 1:36 pm

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