SHOCKING! Waist Beads Is Very Powerful

SHOCKING! Waist Beads Is Very Powerful

SHOCKING! Waist Beads Is Very Powerful

SHOCKING! Waist Beads Is Very Powerful


Gloria Tayelolu is one girl whose waist beads saved her from being raped by her Lebanese boss and she told her story. Grace went on social media to cry for help and she was thereafter she was rescued into Nigeria from Lebanon.

In telling her story of how her waist bead saved her, she mentioned that she told her Lebanese boss that the bead would inflict danger on him if he tried to sleep with her, so he backed out.


She explained saying that;

“When I bought my waist beads some two years ago, I did so because of fashion. But do you know that the beads eventually saved me from the hands of those who lured me to far Lebanon for slavery related endeavours?”

I was linked up by a fellow who facilitated my movement to Lebanon sometime in October last year. The fellow dangled before me a teaching job of English language if I would go, even though my academic qualification is Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Accountancy.

There was no nexus between what I read and what I was being offered, but the desire to travel abroad overwhelmed my sense of reasoning as at the time in question.

The first thing I observed on getting there was the inclement weather condition. The cold was so much on my health that each time I coughed, I was throwing up blood stained sputum with serious chest pains. Besides, rather than taking me to any school as a teacher as planned, I was subjected into a house help job, fetching water with heavy buckets from a distance location into the storey building apartment I was housed in. I was working like a slave, doing all sorts of menial jobs.

To worsen my situation, my master started making advances towards me. I tried all I could to ward him off, but he would not relent. I had to call him aside one day to let him know that no other man could sleep with me aside from the one that gave me the waist bead. He dared me by asking me of the likely consequences of him having the affair with me, despite the repeated warnings.

I promptly told him that such a man would be mentally deranged for six days and that on the seventh day, he would die. That narration calmed him down temporarily and it gave me a momentary sigh of relief. That was how my waist beads saved me from being raped. But my life became miserable and I had to think of the way out of it, so that I would not die in a strange land.”

As funny as this may sound, this saved her from what could have been a s*xual abuse by her boss and she might never have been able to get out of it. This is what anyone would simply call “thinking outside the box”.

In the same vein, another story of a man who picked up a prostitute and then, while they were having s*x the girl’s beads broke and immediately, she started acting really weird.

The prostitute who was unclad began rolling on the floor and this scared the man, so he began shouting and even started praying profusely as he saw the lady on the floor.

SHOCKING! Waist Beads Is Very Powerful

SHOCKING! Waist Beads Is Very Powerful


He then started talking to her saying;

“Who are you?”

“Speak out”

He went on panicking and even going as far as calling the name of a pastor, with the hope that he would be rescued from what he considered an impending danger.

To be honest, in as much as a lot of people wear waist beads for fashion, there are some other people who use it for fetish purposes.

Really, one has to be very careful, so one doesn’t fall trap of the latter. Anyway, this doesn’t change the fact that waist beads are really s*xy and some men would die to have their woman wear it.

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