Secret To Understand And Battle Sex-Negativity

Secret To Understand And Battle Sex-Negativity

Secret To Understand And Battle Sex-Negativity

In the earlier ages, sex negativity was a major problem. Then people perceived sex with different individuals as dirty, gross and immoral.

Sex negativity is simply a belief that asseverate sex to be wrong and that is why a lot of people think non-monopoly is abominable.

Until date, the world at large still battles with sex negativity.

A lot of people are scared of living their sexual life the way they want it due to stigmatization.

Considering that there are people who are sexually polygamous, but are not living it due to the outcry against random sex.

This belief is as old as man.

Disadvantage of Sex Negativity

Sex-negativity only brings forth great unhappiness, extreme pain and distress to those who are sexually polygamous in nature as they do not live their desired lifestyle and same to those who ignorantly uproar against random sex.


Purpose of article

The purpose of this article is to address the issue of sex-negativity and minimize its damages happening in today’s society.

When we talk about sexuality, prejudgment and discrimination are the two common ways sex-negativity surface which mostly is caused by ignorance.

None determination of choice can lead to sexism and racism is caused by not knowing the group one is racist towards. Same with sex-negativity.


Sex Education 

Let’s discuss sex education

Firstly, sexuality, how sex works, the pros and cons must be taught.

When it comes to sex education even the educators qualifies sex as immoral and risky, then in the end encourage people to abstain.

They do not recognize the love, connection, and good feelings attached to sex in general.

Sex education shouldn’t be underestimated in the society. Most parents don’t educate their children properly on sex.

People needs to understand that sexuality has a lot to do with feelings and behaviors and as well how best to handle such feelings instead of letting it pile up or suppressing them.

It is worthy to equally note that there are some norms in our today’s society that must be upgraded if sex-negativity must be combatted.


Things to note

People should learn to communicate without being biased.

what I mean is, when someone opens up to you let’s say about their relationship or the form of relationship they desire, questions should be asked first before throwing shads.

This is often so because people are not well enlightened on open relationships. Some people are brainwashed when it comes to open relationship and therefore, see nothing good about it. This perception is very wrong.

Sex-negativity will continue to be undefeatable until people understand that sexual feelings can’t be completely determined.

Same way people who are bi, gay or hetero cannot be anything else but these.

Let us understand that sexuality does not determine someone’s personal value and moral worth.

Therefore, it is not reasonable enough to crucify people in such form of sexuality.


Put religion aside, there is no other theory that tags sex immoral.  And this means that being sexually active is not wrong.

So let us stop seeing people who are sexually active as “bad”.

Notwithstanding, statutory rape bestiality and rape are immoral. But not so when it comes to open relationships. Such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer sexuality as people often perceive them.

The truth is, sex has lot of risks. We all know about the rising rate of STDs.  However, these risks are not just the only possible outcome of sex. People should show more interest in sex education. This will clearly give you an understanding that though sex has it negative impact, but not void of benefits. Benefits like mentally, emotionally and health.


So many norms should equally be readdressed as this is the only way sex-negativity can be completely eradicated

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