Rejoice Iwueze — Meet The Sugar In My Tea

Celebrating a birthday is a special occasion. It’s a yearly one-off event, and for this, it should be made remarkable in our lives. Just the way Rejoice Iwueze is celebrating her brother today.

Rejoice Iwueze, the former Destiny kids lead singer, has taken to her Instagram page to alert her fans of her brother’s birthday today.

His name is Joshua Iwueze. He was among the musical group, Destiny kids, that made our childhood days a memorable one.

Photo Of Rejoice Iwueze and Joshua Iwueze

Photo Of Rejoice Iwueze and Joshua Iwueze

To Rejoice, today will not roll by without making her dearest brother feel special. The exciting thing is that, everyone has the liberty to decide how amazing their birthday turns out.

Joshua has grown one year older today, and as the day passes by, he will continue to get the tools and experience to become the better version of himself. This is because, birthdays signify a fresh start, a bright and bold chapter, with new goals and aspirations.


Photo Of Joshua Iwueze

There are many ways to enjoy our birthdays, while some people choose to throw a big cocktail party, others might prefer a simple gathering with friends and families The choice lies with the celebrant.

Rejoice is celebrating her brother today because, she knows that birthdays are perfect occasions to make those who are dear to us feel special and loved.

To Rejoice, keep being your brother’s keeper

To Joshua, Happy Birthday and many Happy returns.


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Updated: November 8, 2021 — 7:02 pm

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