Opinion: 4 Reasons Why White Money’s Cooking Strategy Won’t Win Him The 90 Million Naira

The Big Brother Naija season 6 reality TV show keeps getting interesting day by day. Fans of the show are already getting acquainted with their favourites. However, two housemates are strategically at loggerhead with each other, these housemates are White Money and Pere.

No doubt that these two housemates are strong contenders for the money, but to decide who will emerge as the winner of the show, the strategy that both housemates bring to the show is very important. For this article, I will focus on White Money and his cooking strategy to win the show and why this cooking strategy won’t win him the 90 million naira.

Opinion: 5 Reasons Why White Money's Cooking Strategy Won't Win Him The 90 Million Naira

Opinion: 4 Reasons Why White Money’s Cooking Strategy Won’t Win Him The 90 Million Naira

Below are strong 5 reasons why the cooking strategy by White Money won’t win him the 90 million naira.

1. The last winner of the show, in the person of Laycon never cooked overwhelmingly and yet fans still loved him. Laycon never carried the kitchen as an agenda or strategy for him to win the show but he still emerged as the winner of season 5. What this should reveal to the viewers of the show is that no matter how much White Money cooks for the house, this won’t guarantee that he will win the show.

2. Several past housemates have tried to use the cooking strategy to emerge as the favourite housemate but this has never worked. Housemates like Miyonse, Princess Rico Swavey, Karina and Lucy all cooked but they over made it to the top 10. This should send a strong message to fans of the show and White Money that the cooking strategy never determines the winner of the show.

3. Cooking is a skill every human needs to survive irrespective of gender. White Money cooking in the house will only be perceived by the fans as something everyone needs to do as this is just a survival skill and not a strategy or content. Hence, most fans won’t even like him based on the fact that he is always in the kitchen cooking. Fans will only like and vote for White Money based on his character, cheerfulness and critical show of sense of justice.

4. Cooking on the show is not content. Many fans of the show have already watched past housemates cooked in the house, hence, they will get bored of this strategy and will go ahead to vote for another housemate who is giving them premium content. White Money should be smart enough to give the viewers of the show good content and not the cooking strategy if he wants to win the show.

Updated: September 10, 2021 — 11:36 am

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