Nnamdi Kanu US Lawyer Sued Federal Court Over Human Rights Abuse

Nnamdi Kanu US Lawyer Sued Federal Court Over Human Rights Abuse

Nnamdi Kanu US Lawyer Sued ICC Over Human Rights Abuse

The American lawyer of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader, Nnamdi Kanu, has threatened to drag Nigeria government to the International Criminal Court (ICC).


The threatening took place after several denial access into the courtroom on November 10th 2020


Fein told available journalists after the proceedings that this wasn’t the first time they would be locked out.

The lock out was to prevent them from monitoring Kanu’s trial.


At Court

He stated that “Today was the fifth time I was told I could not enter the courtroom despite the court’s previous order that Nnamdi could have access to any three persons he wants to.


In his words too, he indicated : “I had the chance to talk briefly to him on my way to the courtroom. It is clear that I am the target in particular. That’s the reason why this proceeding did not transpire today.

“And I’m here to tell Nigerians and the international community that I’m taking this to international tribunals. It is clear that the Nigerian tribunals are compromised.”


“I’m here not to be an irritant but there are huge international law issues that are present in Nnamdi Kanu’s case. I’m here because I’m an international expert to provide more enlightenment on what legal issues are present here,” Fein added.

Although the court claimed that the legal team walked out of the court intentionally. The lawyers disagreed to that claim. Making mention that they were denied access to the court.

Out of 50 lawyers who came to fight the case in Nnamdi portion, none was allowed.



“When we got to the law court, they insisted that they could not allow the maximum of five persons to have access to the court.

In conclusion, we couldn’t figure out what was their final conclusion or the next step they want to take. It’s really devastating for a Nation that called it self Giant of Africa.

Updated: November 12, 2021 — 12:25 am

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