Nigerians comment over the rape case of a minor – Video

Nigerians comment over the rape issue of a minor – Video

Nigerians comment over the rape issue of a minor - Video

These are the comments from some Nigerians in one of the WhatsApp groups. Because of privacy, I won’t mention names of people or the WhatsApp group.



The video is below.


What is your take on this. Is it rape or something else?

[4/19, 3:36 AM] Anonymous: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nothing wey person no go see kwa oohh


[4/19, 3:36 AM] Anonymous: She’s 13. The boy is 11

[4/19, 3:36 AM] : I heard 10

[4/19, 3:37 AM] : You heard. It was confirmed she’s 10

[4/19, 3:37 AM] : Buh is it actually rape?

[4/19, 3:37 AM] : Do you know what the word rape is?

[4/19, 3:37 AM] : Ofcourse

[4/19, 3:37 AM] : I mean if you knew, you wouldn’t ask this

Nigerians comment over the rape issue of a minor - Video


Nigerians comment over the rape issue of a minor - Video

[4/19, 3:38 AM] : That girl knew what she was doing. What I saw in that video was simply sexual activity between minors

[4/19, 3:40 AM] : Ok

[4/19, 3:40 AM] : I actually asked a lawyer

[4/19, 3:40 AM] : He said u never can tell may they have guns and knives and asked her to behave

[4/19, 3:41 AM] : 11 year old boys?

[4/19, 3:41 AM] : Why do we always have to paint the girl victim?

[4/19, 3:41 AM] : Why do we always want to throw the word “rape” around?

[4/19, 3:41 AM] : With the video we only saw when she was riding a dick buh truth be told we DNT Kno what actually went down there

[4/19, 3:41 AM] +380 63 ××× ××××: It’s a problem with Nigerians. The story won’t attract enough attention if rape is not used

[4/19, 3:42 AM]: If you don’t know, don’t make assumptions

[4/19, 3:42 AM] : Mind u I asked a question

[4/19, 3:42 AM] : This is a statement

[4/19, 3:46 AM] : She is 13 years old

The boy is 11 years old

[4/19, 3:53 AM]: I’ve seen the video since, what I see is a girl who is used to sex and more experienced than the boy. An investigation should be made around the girl vicinity.

[4/19, 3:54 AM] : And to me this is not rape but a consent sex between two minors.

[4/19, 3:56 AM] : Look the video well you will actually notice the girl smiling and did you notice her concentration which means she wants to enjoy it

[4/19, 4:18 AM] Anonymous: After watching the video and to my humble opinion this is not Rape and can never be rape with following points of mine base on observation.

1. They are raping her and she is smiling and biting her lower lips

2. Let’s assume she is been threatened with gun and other dangerous object to make it real she can never be seen smiling nor even enjoying it

3. She is been rape and a young boy of probably her age is seen lying down on the same bed with them practically sleeping devoid of everything that’s happening round him.

4. She did reverse cowgirl and yet they are still calling it rape

How biko

This is mutual agreement between the two and not rape

She only claimed to be because the video has gone viral and she has to protect her image coz she is still under her parents or guidance

[4/19, 4:19 AM] : Thank you
Moreover Nigerians must add rape to make the story juicier

[4/19, 4:23 AM]: Sadly the society has let women weaponize this rape word

[4/19, 4:23 AM] Anonymous: Exactly

The only thing that can actually makes Nigeria blog gets more traffic on their site talking from experience is using the word RAPE besides the word rank so high on Google

[4/19, 4:24 AM] : A lady will go to a guy’s house and when she gets caught, she’ll claim rape

Hookup gone wrong, she’ll claim she was raped

And the society won’t even bother hearing from both sides

[4/19, 4:24 AM] : Exactly. Once people see the word rape, it’ll trigger their interest

[4/19, 4:27 AM] : Immediately
[4/19, 4:27 AM] : Aswear
The thing de vex me eh

[4/19, 5:02 AM] : Confirm
[4/19, 5:03 AM] : Abi o
[4/19, 5:10 AM] : Alright babe
[4/19, 5:12 AM] : The all rape agenda come a supposed fake blogger who decide to chose a side without even making his findings well.

[4/19, 5:13 AM] : Thank God the video was leaked if not the boys would have been submitted to some serious accusations which they would have suffered falsely.

[4/19, 5:15 AM]: Who is ten years

[4/19, 5:15 AM] : This mama
[4/19, 7:45 AM] : Fact

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