My Worst Experience With Eco Bank Nigeria

My Worst Experience With Eco Bank Nigeria

I woke up this morning and decided to share Nigeria bank experience with everyone.
If u want to enjoy any banking system in Nigeria , make sure you have an account officer in that bank. Or know someone working in that bank. This will make life easy for you.

I’m not trying to speak bad against ECO BANK PLC, but run away from them.  I used to love them as one of the best international banks in Africa but the bank system and their attitude towards customer is discussing.

2016, my fiance travelled Abroad, God been so faithful to him, he began making money and was sending me some money for my living expenses.


Now this is my story.

DEC 3rd 2017, my fiance told me he wants to buy a land here in Eastern part of Nigeria and he have concluded with the seller. He wanted me to see the land before payment. He said he will send me the money to make payment for the land. Before he sent the money, I went to Ecobank to confirm my account.


The bank said I can make transactions in the bank. And I can recieve up to 16 million naira in my account and transaction can easily be made. Finally my fiance sent me 3.3million for 3 plots of land.

December 18th 2017, I tried transfering this money, but the transaction didn’t work for more than 3 days. My boyfriend got angry and ask me to visit the bank only for me to be told that my bank account was blocked.

How come?  At first, I taught it was these network issue banks do have.

The lady who attended to me said the 3.3 million naira was much and that my account can’t accomodate such an amount of money.


This was how the problem started. I started visiting the bank all through the Xmas period,  nothing happened.

I kept visiting to the point I couldn’t travel with my family for the holiday.

On January 2018, I didn’t know who to ask or where to get the money. Not only his money, I had other people’s money with me in that same bank account.


I will advice you to avoid Eco Bank Plc. The bank fraustrated my life for 7months, this affected my relationship. A relationship that have lasted for 4 years.


Because of this issue, I kept visiting the court regularly and swore somany affidavit. The bank also told me to publish myself on newspaper. My boyfriend and family didn’t let me rest, my wedding plans was suspended. The stress was too much.

On a good day, I shared my story with a friend who is a banker.  She adviced me to visit the branch where I opened the account, which I did. The branch bank refused to attend to me, that made me cried alot in the bank. This drew both the bankers and customers attention.


As I was crying, a young man approached me then I explained everything to him. He gave me his card and told me to call him in 3days, which I did. He directed me to a place(Shell) Owaza village, boundary between Abia state and Rivers state, Nigeria.

I went there and narated my full story to them. They directed me to the king of that community. The king asked for my name and account details, I gave it to him. He called the bank manager and that was how my account was unblocked. After seven long months.

Immediately, I transferred the remaining money to a trusted bank after returning the 3.3 million naira. I’m not against any bank in Nigeria, but most of their services is too bad.

I will advice you to go through the terms and conditions before opening any account or signing into any thing.

This is a true life story.

Updated: March 25, 2021 — 11:23 am

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