Money Allows You To Become More Of YOU

Money Allows You To Become More Of YOU

Money Allows You To Become More Of YOU


Majority of people think that they’ll change when they make alot money.

That’s not true.

Because when you get more money, you become more of who you really are.

If you love people, then you’ll be more kind, generous and caring to other people.

You’ll always do what it takes to maintain a higher standard of living for yourself.

But if you’re a jerk, you’ll continue to be rude, inconsiderate, destructive and a jerk. You’ll never find happiness, even if you acquire all the money in this world.

In fact, you’ll be more upset because the money you’ve earned will only be used to multiply your miseries. Simply put, you’ll indulge on things to avoid your sadness in life. That’s why some take drugs

Money does change you.

For me personally, I started to enjoy books. Even when I had no dollar with me. I visited my uncle’s house often because his wife have somany books. Then my uncle’s house was my lib6

Now, I collect them and have read hundreds of books.

Now that I have more money, I purchase books and read everyday

I always had a keen interest for food and fitness.


So yes, I’ve changed for the better.

And many people don’t want to see these changes on you

They will get jealous.

The most important thing is to be your best YOU first.

Because money will only help you to become a better version of yourself.

Your financial decisions and what you do right now will help you to become who you want to be tomorrow

And that’s why I solemnly say that…

That’s why I said Money allows you to become more of YOU

Who will you become if you make more money???

Updated: January 29, 2021 — 11:43 pm

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