[Life Story] Ember Month Experience in Lagos

[Life Story] Ember Month Experience in Lagos

[Life Story] Ember Month Experience in Lagos

Yesterday, a girl entered the bus, barely 15 and fragile. From her deposition she snuck out of the house for a blind date from someone she met on Facebook (this info she later told me).

She innocently asked me where olusosun(a location in Lagos) was.

I agreed to show her, I wanted to mind my Business until her phone rang and she was telling Bros that she’s coming to the cinema soon.
Cinema, where? Olusosun ke, I noticed her anxiety with childlike excitement and was triggered to tell her that we are stopping at the same place.

There is no cinema that area. Her blind date said he was at the bustop.

When we dropped I noticed a black Benz with shabby looking guys staring suspiciously, her phone rang again and he told her to stop talking to strangers, take a bike and come to xyz address.

She looked at me and was “I can go from here, I can find my place.”

Knowing what might happen, I asked for a hug and while hugging her, I told her not to do anything her parents won’t be proud of.

“You are loved, there’s time for everything and you are so pretty” she chuckled and I gave her small change with my card to call me if she feels like. I watched her turn. Few steps and she looked back with uncertainty, i noticed the car had left, so hurriedly stopped her before she climbed the bike.


Who are you going to see?
“Sorry ma, I can’t tell you”
Me “well, there’s no cinema over here”, bike man join mouth and said yes oh.

Finally, we walked further to the bustop and she explained that it was a Facebook friend, and he said he is 17. The guy I saw with Benz was almost 30. After every explanation, I shared a personal story. For what we know, he could be a ritualist, rapist or kidnapper. I told her to Block every contact, and make sure she tells her parents wherever she’s going to.


The first red flag was her parents unawareness.

Secondly she doesn’t need dates with strangers at such age, she was even 13 after my questioning. We are having a proper cinema date this week at ICM. December is around the corner, it could be a mature Lady or even a guy. Don’t go to a location you aren’t sure of, evil is lurking this period.

Before going anywhere, leave a message. Tell someone

Updated: December 12, 2021 — 10:52 am

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