ITK Concept Comedy Member, Biography, Education, Net worth And Roles

ITK Concept Comedy Member, Biography, Education, Net worth And Roles

ITK Concept Comedy Member, Biography, Education, Net worth And Roles

ITK Concepts is a comedy group consisting of four men, all from Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria.

The comedy group leader is Ipally Ipalimote.

Their comedy skits often centers on bible stories. According to the group, they refer to their skirts as creative interpretation of the Bible.

These are the names of the group members and their roles in the group:

1. Ipally Ipalimote:
Ipally Ipalimote is an actor, a content creator and a comedian. He is the group CEO. He studied Theatre Arts in Niger Delta University. Instagram handle- @ipally.

2. King Thomas:
King Thomas is an actor, artist and comedian. His official Instagram page is @king_thomasofficial and he is the last member of the group.

3. Kush Emma:
Kush Emma is a content creator, editorand and an actor. He is known with the slang ‘Nobody Bunu’. His official Instagram handle is @ghetto_smaller.

4. Don Pablo:
Don Pablo is an actor, cinematographer and content creator. His Instagram handle is @mr_donpablo1.


Group name: ITK Concepts
Group Members: Ipally Ipalimote (CEO) • Kush Emma • Don Pablo • King Thomas
Location: Port Harcourt
State Of Origin: Rivers State
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Comedians • Content Creators • Actors • Editors.
Group social media handles:
Instagram: @itkconcepts
Twitter: @ITKConcepts
YouTube: ITK Concepts
Facebook: ITK Concepts
Net Worth: estimated at $150,000


What made the comedy skit special was the use of pidgin English. While others use English, the group embraced the culture of the environment around them.

Their Instagram handle have more than 206 thousands of followers, with 863 posts as of when this article was written.

On Facebook, 870K followers, 76K+ likes.

On Youtube, 13.6K subscribers with 264 videos.

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Account Number: 211 838 5165

Bank: UBA Bank

Name: Onwerenmadu Christian Chigozie.


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