Deforestation: Government Must Take Pollution Serious

Deforestation: Government Must Take Pollution Serious

Save the earth

Factors affecting not only Nigeria but the global environment are air pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, climate change and global warming. When it comes to Nigeria, the biggest threat to the nation’s environment is overpopulation and deforestation.

Deforestation have caused flooding, desertification, and erosion that bedevil various parts of the world. Because of this, the need for environmentally and socially approaches to management of forest is very important. Especially now, when the nation’s major forests are taken by criminals and terrorists.


We all know that forests are home to wildlife which have a big role on ecosystem and as well maintain the environmental and climatic function of the globe. Not only that, forest helps in the maintenance of constant supply of water, clean air, prevents desertification, and erosion.

Just like houses, forests is the home to many species. It have both economic,  industrial ,religious and aesthetic significance for mankind.  Forest have been misused by human from the beginning of time till now.  People burn bushes, cuts trees, illegal logging and many criminal encroachment.

In West Africa, Nigeria.

Only less than 4% of the country’s untouched forest cover is left. About 484 plant species are also threatened with extinction in Nigeria.  The nation have lost 3.7 million hectares of forests.
Nigeria’s remaining forests harbour about 4000 different species of plants including those that have been found to be effective in the development of alternative medicine.


Intelligent strategies must be put in place to safe the  ecosystems. Not only in Nigeria but the whole world.  The government should create other alternative and more transparency and accountability in the application of Ecological Funds . These funds must be made to fully and directly serve its purpose.


People should be educated on the importance of trees and forest. How forest protect our environment, gives us food and medicine, as well as good air to breathe.

Together, we can save the world.

Earth is dieing, it needs our help.

Save a tree today

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Updated: April 5, 2021 — 2:09 am

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