Check out the five Nigerian celebrities who don’t flaunt their wealth on social media

Without a doubt, the entertainment industry in Nigeria has passed through a lot of difficulties in the past, those days when celebrities aren’t getting enough profit from their profession. However, as time goes on, things began to change for the better. Now, we have so many celebrities who have acquired enough wealth to sustain themselves for a very long time. Nevertheless, the presence of social media has opened our eyes to see celebrities who have abundant wealth in their possessions. This set of celebrities often likes to flaunt their wealth online, while others don’t feel the need to do so. In this article, am going to show you 5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Don’t Like Flaunting Their Wealth On Social Media.

1. ASA

[Celebrities] Photo of Asa

Asa whose real name is Bukola Elemide is one of the most iconic musicians in Nigeria. Because of her good vocals, Asa has been able to gain relevance both on the local and international scenes. She is among the musicians who are making a lot of money from her music, however, she prefers to keep her wealthy lifestyle private.


[Celebrities]  Photo of NAETO C

Naeto C whose real name is Naetochukwu Chikwe is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter, and record producer. One interesting about him is that he was born into a wealthy family, and still went ahead to acquire wealth for himself. Despite having so much wealth, the singer doesn’t flaunt them on social media.

3. 2baba

[Celebrities]  Photo of 2baba

2baba is one of the Nigerian artists who started his music career when the industry wasn’t relevant. However, as time goes on, he has been able to acquire a lot of wealth in the industry. Yet, he prefers to spend his money on a low.

4. MI

[Celebrities]  Photo of MI

It is reasonable to classify MI as one of the richest rappers in Nigeria. However, a lot of people will disagree with that because he doesn’t flaunt his wealth on social media. He is among the celebrities who don’t reveal much about his expensive lifestyle.


[Celebrities]  Photo of Banky W

Without a doubt, Banky W has acquired a lot of wealth doing music throughout his career. Along the way, he has also helped the likes of Wizkid, Skales, and several others to become successful artists in the music industry. Despite being rated as one of the richest musicians in Nigeria, Banky W just loves to keep a low profile as he doesn’t flaunt his wealth on social media.


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Updated: September 29, 2021 — 7:05 am

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