Chacha Eke – Chacha Eke hints about getting back together with her ex-husband

 Chacha Eke – Chacha Eke hints about getting back together with her ex-husband

Chacha Eke - Chacha Eke hints about getting back together with her ex-husband

Actress, Chacha Eke has declared her intention of reuniting with her estranged husband, Austin Faani.

During an Instagram live session when she answered questions from her fans and followers, the actress made this confession.

Remember how Chacha Eke caused a sensation on social media a few months ago when she announced the dissolution of her marriage to Austin Faani on her Instagram page?

According to Chacha Eke, it was preferable to remain alive at that time rather than pass away as a corpse. The actress confirmed that her troubles in her “imagined paradise” were the cause of their breakup.

It’s vital to remember that this was Chacha Eke’s second time announcing her marriage in this way.

When she revealed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she and her husband reconnected after doing something similar a few years before.

Chacha Eke made an effort to deflect queries about her marriage at the opening of the live session by saying that it would be a subject for another day.

However, she seemed to disclose the possibility of getting back together with her ex-husband through her interactions with fans.

After admirers questioned Chacha Eke over why her Instagram page still listed her husband’s name as Faani, she was compelled to respond. After that, they made a comment about whether she intended to return.

Her Response

Chacha Eke responded by pledging the name will remain on her Instagram page because it was necessary.

Chacha Eke said that the name was still on her Instagram page because it had to be. She asserted that those using social media wouldn’t comprehend the entire story.

She said that she was waiting patiently for the right moment to propose marriage, and that she would do so when it was opportune.

The mother of four also discussed how social media, particularly in light of her physical situation, has both aided and exacerbated her troubles.


Chacha Eke claims that occasionally when she experiences symptoms, instead of taking her prescriptions and unwinding, she finds herself venting on social media, which occasionally results in irreparable harm.

Updated: September 15, 2022 — 1:05 pm

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