Bullying Victim Story

Bullying Victim Story

A story of a little girl. “When I die, I don’t have to think, I don’t need to be hurt. And I think I can give my mother the freedom to live the way she wants because of me”.

So many young people, especially middle, high and college students are passing through a lot of trauma. This is caused by bullies and environmental issues.
And in cases like this, their parents are too busy with jobs. They don’t know what the kids are passing through, only what they care about is for the kid to have high grades in school and make them proud. These teenagers need a guidance, someone they will speak to and someone that will direct them.
The only person, who can give them the best direction is their parents. But instead of their parents to give them a listening ear, they bully and forces them to study only hard. And this makes the teenager to receive advice from the wrong hand.

For some, they become bullies and join wrong gang. These days, kids bully their follow kids. In Korea and other part of the world, this have been a major challenge to many young people and reason for suicide in the nation.

Sua is a student, she is facing this challenge and don’t know what to do. She came from a family where her parents don’t care about her feelings. She’s forced to study hard, have a high score and pass her exam. When the victim tries telling her mother, her present life challenges, her mother gives no listening ear.
Right now, she thinks the best option for her is to commit suicide.

If I’m Sua teacher, I will organize a meeting with her mother. Talk to her and tell her what might happen to the daughter if she gives no listening ear to her daughter.

The responsibility of a parent is not only providing food, shelter and education to the child. You are their guidance, shield, light, role model and leader.
If your child can not confidently speak with you as a parents over a physical, mental, emotional challenge he is facing, that means you have failed to be a parent and guidance.

If you don’t advice and direct your child, he will receive guidance from the wrong hands. Spend time with them, teach them from your experiences and always make them feel that you love them.

Updated: May 1, 2021 — 7:16 am

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