A 25 Year Old Woman Killed By Her Dog

A 25 Year Old Woman Killed By Her Dog

A 25 year old woman was killed by her dog which attacked her while she asleep. This was a family rescue dog. First, the dog chewed her arm off.

This happened at Birmingham, England. The 25 year old lady, Keira Ladlow, was alone in the house when the dog attacked.

This occurred 2pm friday afternoon. Ms Ladlow who was seriously injured called the police. Before the police arrived at the scene, it was too late.

She wrote: “Her previous dog was a pit bull that died of cancer so she rescued this dog after finding it in a garden where it had been on and off for four years.

“Sometimes dogs are rescued with all good intentions but their past can make them tragically unpredictable.”

A source said the deceased was screaming and shouting for help but the bark from the dog was louder.

From the report given by West Midlands Police, no one else was in the building and the dog was handed to the police to eliminate.

A picture of Keira Ladlow

A 25 Year Old Woman Killed By Her Dog

Updated: February 7, 2021 — 12:57 am

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