7 Ways To Live Happily Together In The Same Space With Your Partner


7 Ways To Live Happily Together In The Same Space With Your Partner


Live Happily With Your Partner

Making the decision to live with your significant other is a big step which comes with lots of responsibility and questions like:

What if their habits that used to be cute starts becoming annoying after a while?

What happens when you start having constant argument after a while?

The fear of break up.

On the other hand, you might still ask- what if things turn great and you love them more?

No one can actually determine or correctly answer these questions from the beginning, rather time will.

Now, let us consider few ways to make this decision worthwhile:

These are 7 steps to live happily with your partner

1. Communication

Communication is the bedrock of every relationship. In order to coexist peacefully with your partner(s) in the same space, you need to sit and agree on lots of things. On how things will be done around the house.

This is the only way you can clearly understand each other.

When you notice any abnormality, say it out. Communication is very effective.

Through communication, things can be corrected before it gets out of hands.

2. Do it for the right reason

Moving in together may seem like an easy and logical step because you are already spending a lot of time together, but it is more than just sharing space. It is also sharing your belongings, finances, energy and time.

Do not move in together just for the purpose of convenience, but make sure you are ready to take your relationship to a new level of closeness.

3. Chores

Having an understanding on who handles a particular chores at any given time can make living together much more easy and peaceful. Its called relationship not slavery. Chores should be strongly agreed on; if possible, written down. Marriage and relationship is like a helping hand. Both in finance and chores

4. Guests

Not everyone likes having a lot people visiting them or different people coming by the house on regular occasions.

So, try to understand the kind of partner you have in order not to inconvenience them. And I feel it is inappropriate to often entertain a large number of guests for the sake of privacy and security.

5. Be honest about finances

It’s a good idea for you both to go over your monthly income and expenses then decide how payment of rent and other bills will be properly handled.

Honesty here does not mean you have to remit all your money to your partner or allow them go through your personal bank details, but just be truthful when you do not have enough to settle bills- in this regard, provision should be made ahead of time against times like this.

6. Be Patient and Give Each Other Space

Patience here has to deal with tolerance and respect, though very necessary. But is not just enough. Tolerate and respect your partner and as well allow them their personal space.

Allow them to have their personal time, their own privacy and while you do this, ensure they are as well reciprocating.

7. Make it Your Home

Try to bring in your personalities- everything within the house should not just be what a particular partner likes. You need to add the thing you like as well and this will give you more comfort.

Take some decisions together like the different colors of paint to be used, meal timetable etc. in this situation, no one should be vested with the sole right to take decisions on every single thing that goes on around the house.

All what it takes to live together peacefully is a healthy, constant and honest communication.

Do not harbor things in your heart, learn to apologize when you are “not wrong and wrong”.

Form the habit of forgiveness except you want to ruin your relationship.

Written By Jeremiah

Updated: July 3, 2021 — 6:54 am

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