5 Reasons Why Burna Boy Might Not Give Birth to Kids

5 Reasons Why Burna Boy Might Not Give Birth to Kids

5 Reasons Why Burna Boy Might Give Birth to Kids

Burna Boy is an afrobeat superstar, who was born in Porthacourt, River State Nigeria. And have been so popular all over the world because of his songs like question, Onyeka, anybody, etc. He is one of the most paid music artists in Africa and has won different awards globally.

These are reasons Burna Boy have not given birth


1.  Focus:

The musician wants to focus on his career more than anything. From interview conducted, he believed that kids might be a distraction to him. And that he don’t want to have any baby mama.

He is still looking for a real lover and someone he can call his wife. Although this have got many people wondering. The artist have produced alot of love songs and met alot of women, what is he still waiting for?


2. Voodoo

Some people are still wondering how he rose to fame in a short period of time. Those who believe in voodoo  said it isn’t ordinary. Some Africans believed that he sold his unborn children for fame. That’s spiritual sacrifice, while others do not believe in it.

Voodoo is a spiritual exercise practiced by many Africans when in need of power, wealth, protection, promotion, marriage and health. This practice isn’t free. You must offer something important to get what you want.


3. Drug:

Others believe it to be drugs. Although others said drugs have nothing to do with someone’s reproductive health. Men like snow dog, Bob Marley, Fela, Lucky Dube and others are drug addicts but have children and grand kids.

Also Davido and wizkid do take drugs but they have children. So, the suggestion isn’t true.


4. Impotency:

Some girls believe that Burna Boy is impotent and that’s why he is not into girls. He is mostly found with his crew(boys) always. Although there is no medical report for that and I will personally say he is not importent.

And he is not gay too.


5. Personality:

It’s left for him to decide. He might need kids or may not be interested. It’s his choice. The best thing we can do for the song writer is to support him and wish him well.

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Updated: August 7, 2022 — 10:40 pm

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